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Jeffrey Wayne Sutherland

CEO of J.A. Productions [May 2008]


Trivia:  Named after John Wayne, the  actor. Wayne is actually Jeffrey's middle name!

Jeff Sutherland was born in Martinez, California in 1955. He grew up in the town of Richmond, California and graduated from Richmond High School in 1973. Jeff went to Contra Costa College in San Pablo in 1974 where he took up Performing Arts.

In 1975, Jeff ventured out to Hollywood with a tape recorder and a dream. Having spent his first 20 years virtually glued to the silver screen and the television, Jeff has turned into a walking encyclopedia of the stars. Over the years Jeff has been in over 2000 stage performances as well as played many characters. With his photographic recall and his gregarious, warm nature, Jeff is a natural at the celebrity interviews.

Now with more than 30 years in Show Business Jeff has done it all. Actor, Producer, Directed, Documentarian, Master of Ceremonies, Radio DJ, Stunt Man, Song Writer, Singer, Poet, Stage Performer, Impersonator, Impressionist and a Talk Show Host. He has appeared in 6 movies and over 300 TV Shows.

In 1995, Jeff started his own TV Talk Show called "Jeff's Star Talk" on Cable TV. It is a celebrity interview program now on its 21st year.

Jeff is also a Host of a show called "Discovery Park" Channel 23 in Modesto Calif. Jeff Sutherland was a TV News-Anchor on Channel 14 for 5 years in the town of Modesto.

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